3 Things To Consider When Designing Outdoor Spaces for Business

Considering designing outdoor spaces for your business? Here’s 3 things to consider before you begin your journey to a healthier workplace for your employees.

The Outdoor Work Environment

Fresh air, albeit only desirable throughout the cooler months here in the UAE, is good for you!

We know this right?

Yet we spend most of our days indoors, often in poorly ventilated offices, and certainly over the past 18 months, in our homes due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Certainly, investing in proper ventilation or installing air purifiers around the office is a great idea, but local businesses are beginning to understand the importance of wellness in the workplace, which is why there’s been a major trend in companies opting for a designated outdoor office space.

Let’s be honest, designing an outdoor office space in Dubai and the rest of the Middle East is far easier than say, London in the UK. We are pretty much guaranteed sunshine, so seek to spend as much time as possible soaking up the good weather and getting some addition Vitamin D.

The recent pandemic has caused a shift in the way we think about workspaces and offering clients the possibility of designing outdoor workspaces for their employees can be just the thing you need to set your services apart.

So, let’s jump right in…

The Benefits
Adding Greenery
Stress Relief

Benefits of fresh air at work

Some benefits of creating an outdoor work environment

Studies show that there are various health benefits to being in the fresh air and sunlight. Benefits can be anywhere from improved digestion, boosts creativity, lowers blood pressure and even improving short-term memory loss.

When employees are stuck inside all day, they’re breathing stale and often polluted air. This can cause symptoms such as eye irritation, tightness in the chest, coughing and headaches.

Unsurprisingly, it’s easier for infectious diseases to be transmitted in an office environment with poor ventilation.

What better way to get employees to improve their work performance and stay healthy, than giving them and outdoor office area where fresh air and natural sunlight are in abundance?

artificial office plants

Adding Some Greenery

It’s surprising what can be done with even just a small area of outdoor space. For those looking for low maintenance planting solutions, why not choose some artificial plants and flowers or indulge in a beautiful artificial tree for that perfect focal point.

Little touches of green speak volumes. Consider some planters, trailing plants, colourful flowers, trees, or artificial green walls. All these additions highlight the good points of an outdoor workspace and take the eye away from the more functional parts of the working environment.

stress free work environment

Stress Busting Zones

As previously mentioned, mental health in the workplace is a huge priority for any modern business. The physical and mental stress of a high-pressure environment can easily lead to lower productivity and more sickness days.

An outdoor retreat is one way of helping employees de-stress. A well-designed environment where staff and colleagues can unwind and enjoy a quick coffee break will help produce a better work area for your business.

Looking for further advice and ideas for making more of your outdoor space? Make contact with one of our design specialists today!