Understanding Artificial Foliage

artificial-plants and trees indoors DubaiNot unlike the natural world, artificial foliage comes in all shapes, colours and sizes. You can find it in the form of exquisite, life-sized olive trees in the finest of hotels and palaces, to simple and effective potted plants neatly lining office space. We encounter artificial foliage each and every day and the world is brighter for it.

Craftmanship of Artificial Foliage

Replicating something that nature does so effortlessly is no mean feat as plants and trees are complex structures perfectly designed to carry out their purpose. It takes patience, planning and raw skill to create and when it’s done correctly, it is indistinguishable from the real thing. A true likeness of the source flora is often the target when designing artificial foliage and to achieve this, it takes a long time, genuine artistic vision and a delicate hand.

The Complexity of Artificial GreeneryA gentle and artful touch is a requirement when assembling artificial plant wall panels, for example. This is not a craft undertaken by machines but by creative human beings who understand what constitutes an aesthetically pleasing end-product. Arranging foliage piece by piece so that it fits naturally within its context is something that takes practice and a lot of time. This process of assembling the whole piece by hand really allows for amazing customisation. Incredible green walls, for example, with vibrant complexions utilising colours meaningful to a particular business or individual, can act as an extension of an entity’s ethos or style.

Benefits of Artificial Trees & Plants

One of the most useful characteristics of artificial greenery is the ability to personalise it precisely to a specific taste or need. One may have the desire to brighten up the entrance of an office or work space with a colourful selection of hanging baskets. Perhaps a series of large, realistic trees with dense canopies to obscure the ceiling of a restaurant giving a natural and unique dining experience. Of course, striking, unnatural colour palettes can have their place as well.

Undoubtedly, using artificial foliage in place of living foliage has its benefits, obviating the need for watering and trimming which is essential and time-consuming maintenance for living foliage. When it’s not practical to employ the use of live plants and trees in your space for the aforementioned reasons or any other, you may find that artificial foliage is what you have been searching for.

The Practical Use of Fake Plants

Endless Possibilities on Artificial BotanyProducts that utilise artificial foliage are particularly suitable when faced with extreme weather conditions. Locations that endure extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, will benefit from the use of non-living greenery. Many beautiful species of trees and plants would be simply unable to survive the punishing sunshine and heat of Middle Eastern summers or the wicked chill of northern Norwegian winters. One can rest assured that artificial botany is the answer when seeking beauty under these circumstances.

Where an item of artificial foliage is going to be subjected to harsh sunlight, it would be wise to use foliage with dedicated UV protection. This is a chemical compound especially designed to combat the colour fading associated with artificial foliage that has experienced heavy exposure to strong sunlight. Treelocate can provide this feature with its very own UVSILX protection which is sure to preserve the integrity of the foliage and the vibrancy of its colour well into the future.

A further fantastic feature is FIRESILX fire resistant coating. Fire resistant material is a requirement for foliage that is placed indoors, in public places in many instances so as to meet fire safety regulations. All of the artificial foliage products on offer at Treelocate feature this option which guarantees that each product meets the British Building Standards requirements. With this borne in mind, one can sleep soundly knowing that any artificial foliage within buildings provide charm and elegance without any degree of compromise with respect to safety.

Low Maintenance Artificial Plants