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Welcome to our collection of unique and wonderful artificial dracaena trees. Named back in Grecian times, the tree variety was described as the female dragon or drakina. Native mostly to Africa and South Asia, this pervasive species has over 120 varieties from small plants to towering large trees. The Dracena tree is distinctive for its long slender trunks and wonderful spiked top heads, full of grass like leaves and is also knows as the Marginata, Warneckii, Reflexa or Schefflera.

We have an extensive range of fake Dracaena trees, so if you are looking to create an African look, we will have the perfect replica tree to fit within your space or budget. Our range of replica trees are fully maintenance free and hold their colour and shape all year round.

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Realistic Artificial Dracaena Trees and Plants available to buy in Dubai

All our artificial Dracaena products are very realistic and 100% botanically correct. If you are struggling to decide which Dracaena would be best suited for you at Treelocate Foliages, you have the luxury of a free of charge bespoke design service where we can advise which replica Dracaena tree would be best suited to the look and feel you are trying to create.

Instantly spruce up your home or office with one of our Dracaena trees. Varying across several sizes and heights, each of our fake trees boasts countless shoots of bright, vivid foliage, some that even feel real to the touch. Providing year-round greenery wherever displayed, it can easily transform bare spaces with its effortless, low-maintenance beauty.

At Treelocate Foliages we have a dracaena tree for every home, our replica trees are beautiful and a great substitute for the real thing. Our natural looking dracaena trees feature delicate stems and leaves, they’re the ideal small tree for creating a relaxing environment. All of our trees are made using highly quality and durable materials, they’ll look fantastic and have a long lifespan.