Artificial Green Walls

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We provide Artificial Green Walls & clever green screening solutions for any space imaginable

We design, manufacture, supply & install incredibly realistic artificial green walls & clever green screening solutions for any space imaginable – commercial & residential – interior & exterior!

Bring the outdoors inside with wall mounted flowers and foliage creating a vertical plant area to mask wall expanses using Plant Panels to create Green Walls.

As the world becomes more environmentally aware, interior gardens maximising space by planting vertically are becoming popular in public and private buildings. For many projects though, the cost of installing feeding and irrigation systems, as well as the replanting and maintenance, creates a prohibitive project cost. This is where our artificial flowers and foliage plants have become the solution of choice with many designers and interior landscapers.

Normally mounted onto light-weight steel frames in easily handled and transported panels and sections, our green-wall systems are custom-made to fit the exact dimensions and shapes needed for your project. ‘Planting’ is carried out to your specification giving you the exact mix of colours and shapes your design calls for. The finished panels are then fitted into place as easily as hanging a large picture frame using the pre-drilled mounting plates.

In addition to the traditional vertical mounting on walls, a major benefit of our artificial green wall panels is that they can be mounted at any angle – providing ceiling and ‘roof’ canopies that give a unique atmosphere to areas under the foliage. Alternatively they can be built as free-standing screens and space-dividers, or even as ‘indoor hedgerows’ to line and border walkways in large open spaces. The style and usage for them is virtually unlimited and, as with all our foliage based products, they are available in FireSilx inherently fire retardant materials.

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