3 Things To Consider When Designing Outdoor Spaces for Business

Considering designing outdoor spaces for your business? Here’s 3 things to consider before you begin your journey to a healthier workplace for your employees.

The Outdoor Work Environment

Fresh air, albeit only desirable throughout the cooler months here in the UAE, is good for you!

We know this right?

Yet we spend most of our days indoors, often in poorly ventilated offices, and certainly over the past 18 months, in our homes due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Certainly, investing in proper ventilation or installing air purifiers around the office is a great idea, but local businesses are beginning to understand the importance of wellness in the workplace, which is why there’s been a major trend in companies opting for a designated outdoor office space.

Let’s be honest, designing an outdoor office space in Dubai and the rest of the Middle East is far easier than say, London in the UK. We are pretty much guaranteed sunshine, so seek to spend as much time as possible soaking up the good weather and getting some addition Vitamin D.

The recent pandemic has caused a shift in the way we think about workspaces and offering clients the possibility of designing outdoor workspaces for their employees can be just the thing you need to set your services apart.

So, let’s jump right in…

The Benefits
Adding Greenery
Stress Relief

Benefits of fresh air at work

Some benefits of creating an outdoor work environment

Studies show that there are various health benefits to being in the fresh air and sunlight. Benefits can be anywhere from improved digestion, boosts creativity, lowers blood pressure and even improving short-term memory loss.

When employees are stuck inside all day, they’re breathing stale and often polluted air. This can cause symptoms such as eye irritation, tightness in the chest, coughing and headaches.

Unsurprisingly, it’s easier for infectious diseases to be transmitted in an office environment with poor ventilation.

What better way to get employees to improve their work performance and stay healthy, than giving them and outdoor office area where fresh air and natural sunlight are in abundance?

artificial office plants

Adding Some Greenery

It’s surprising what can be done with even just a small area of outdoor space. For those looking for low maintenance planting solutions, why not choose some artificial plants and flowers or indulge in a beautiful artificial tree for that perfect focal point.

Little touches of green speak volumes. Consider some planters, trailing plants, colourful flowers, trees, or artificial green walls. All these additions highlight the good points of an outdoor workspace and take the eye away from the more functional parts of the working environment.

stress free work environment

Stress Busting Zones

As previously mentioned, mental health in the workplace is a huge priority for any modern business. The physical and mental stress of a high-pressure environment can easily lead to lower productivity and more sickness days.

An outdoor retreat is one way of helping employees de-stress. A well-designed environment where staff and colleagues can unwind and enjoy a quick coffee break will help produce a better work area for your business.

Looking for further advice and ideas for making more of your outdoor space? Make contact with one of our design specialists today!

Artificial Green Walls [ The Ultimate Guide ]

guide to artificial green walls

Here’s our guide to artificial green walls

Artificial green walls can come in all sorts of different colours, shapes, sizes. The options and foliage combinations are endless, and the process of designing your own can be daunting, but TreeLocate makes it easy.

Our green walls add instant beauty to anywhere they are installed. Be it a low light reception that needs cheering up, or an external wall the receives direct sunlight you won’t be disappointed with the results.

It’s essential that you take the time to pick the right green wall as you will be enjoying it for years to come.

In this detailed guide to faux green walls, we will answer all questions you have about the product and offer advice on choosing the ideal choice which will best suit you. We will look at different green wall varieties available and discuss tips on how to cost-effectively install and maintain them while maintaining their lifelike appearance. We will also consider the differences between using artificial plants compared to real ones.

What exactly is an Artificial Green Wall?

An artificial green wall is a collection of panels made up of greenery and plants which are perfect for adding a natural splash of colour and exciting decoration to any desired wall space available. We use our premium range of foliage to make our green wall panels, resulting in an incredibly realistic replica that is very long lasting yet still very cost effective. Lower cost faux greenery can leave green wall panels looking noticeably fake and always lead to an early replacement, especially if used in public places where they can be easily touched, grabbed and brushed against.

We manufacture our green walls in sections here in our warehouse in Dubai. Making them super easy to transport, handle and install. The panels structure can be any material. However, coated metal is always our choice due to its strength and long life.

Faux green walls have some significant advantages over real plants options. Unlike the living walls, our artificial equivalents are near zero maintenance once installed. No expensive watering and drainage systems are needed – perfect for the Middle Eastern climates. Due to this, our fake green wall panels do not take up as much space, giving you more floor space while adding instant beauty to your wall.

What are they made of?

Cheap artificial plants are usually made from a combination of plastic, paper and silk.

Our green walls are made from our high-end faux foliage, fake plants and artificial flowers which are manufactured with premium grade 1 plastics and accurately coloured printed silks. You will find our green wall panels look realistic and natural and always lush and vibrant. Many of our foliage’s are available as part of our FireSilx fire retardant leaves and UVSilx fade resistant range.

Artificial or Real Plants, What’s the Difference?

Going artificial has many positives and benefits over real plants, especially if you are planning on displaying these inside rather than out. A few positives are highlighted below:

  • Don’t need sunlight to survive and also don’t cause allergies.
  • As they are artificial, they don’t require the use of fertiliser, and they will never die.
  • Maintenance and ongoing costs are significantly reduced compared to real ones.
  • It is far cheaper to install and look after artificial plants. One of the reasons being that they don’t have to be watered once a day.

Can you get different types of Green Wall?

Green walls can come in various shapes, sizes and even colours. They are sold in individual panels, and you can mix up each panel to suit the design you want, or get an artificial green wall expert, such as TreeLocate, to help design, manufacture and install a bespoke green wall for you.

We can use any foliage that you want. Typically, ferns, grasses and green leafy products are used, adding subtle colour with faux flowers, which helps bring vibrancy and texture. Simply by scrolling through our online catalogue in the link provided below, you can have a green wall of your choice and finished professionally by our green wall building experts.

Prices of Artificial Green Walls?

Artificial green walls vary in price massively. Our price range goes off a few variables: where the product is being installed, the size of the wall and the choice of foliage used. However, you will find our price extremely competitive when compared to others around the UAE.

How are the Green Walls Installed?

Usually, artificial green walls are easily installed, however, if you have a big bespoke green wall on order, then it may be a little more challenging to install correctly. At TreeLocate-Foliage, we have a very friendly and professional installation team who can help.

Can You Easily Move an Artificial Green Wall?

The answer is yes! The foliage we use is fastened very securely to the metal work meaning it is extremely robust and won’t come loose. Due to our handy 1m x 1m panels, you won’t have any trouble relocating the green wall if needed.

How to keep Artificial Green Walls well Maintained

Our top of the range quality green wall isn’t difficult to maintain. We recommend a light dusting now and then, or if kept outside a hosing down once a year. It’s that simple. You won’t believe how easy it.

Further Green Walls uses

Artificial Green walls are perfect for adding colour and interest to any wall. But there are other uses that we have in the past supplied our premium living wall panels for such as, barriers, view blockers, Instagram picture points and point of sale product promotions. There are many uses, and they can even be swapped around seasonally to keep your décor fresh.

If you have any questions about our green walls or need any help choosing the best green wall to suit your requirements, then please get in touch with us today.

Artificial Pine Tree

Our UK Treelocate team have recently finished an installation in Germany where they’ve been installing some incredibly realistic artificial pine trees.

The project has been to install 48 pine trees on location in a new water park opening later this year in Germany. Some of the artificial trees reach up to 12m tall and have taken our team months of planning and manufacture.

Artificial Trees From Real Professionals

arboretum trees by foliages

Katrina Mayer once said: “Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time.” 

Trees have always had an almighty presence that simply cannot be denied; so much so that they’ve played an important role in our society for thousands of years. From representing generations of people within families, to providing food, shelter and homes for our wildlife, these natural giants are admired and respected by people all over the world. 

It’s therefore no wonder that artificial trees are becoming more and more popular with members of the public, and that so many buildings display them proudly in their lobbies. 

So, why use artificial trees instead of the real thing? 

Arboretum replica trees are made to look just like their real-life counterparts, and although they haven’t been grown from a seed in the ground, they have been created with love, passion and precision by a team of expert craftsmen. 

All of our Arboretum replicas are fire retardant, which means they wont assist with the spread of dangerous flames. In fact, our Firesilx products are so effective that they can self-extinguish a flame within 10 seconds of coming into contact with it! A fire-retardant tree will ensure that your guests are safe without compromising on quality. 

Thankfully, you don’t need green thumbs (or even any knowledge of trees) to purchase one of our products. Our custom designs provide a realistic appearance, which could fool even the biggest of tree fanatics into believing they’re looking at the real deal. Unlike natural trees, a faux tree requires almost no maintenance at all, and is guaranteed to last much longer too. Forget re-potting, feeding and watering and simply enjoy their magnificent appearance! 

How do we make our trees? 

Our botanically accurate products are all made in the UK by a team of highly-skilled professionals. We carefully hand-finish each trunk to match the look and feel of the real one, and select only the finest materials for the canopy foliage. Our dedication to the highest quality means that we’re able to replicate almost every species of tree worldwide, and to any size required. 

Each of our trees comes with the option of a fully fabricated trunk or preserved trunk. The fully fabricated option comes with a solid, steel core, which is shaped and then covered with a realistic bark. The preserved trunk comes directly from a real tree in a sustainable forest, and is kiln-dried and paired with a custom artificial canopy. No matter what option you choose, we’re certain you’ll love the end result! 

A worldwide passion 

Whether you’re looking to display a mighty oak or a dainty cherry blossom, Arboretum’s artificial trees can be crafted to your exact specifications to fit seamlessly into your unique environment, no matter where in the world you might be! Our TreeLocate Foliage team in Dubai creates the same unrivalled quality of fake trees as our UK experts, and can handle all MENA region requests. 

Contact us today to find out more about our exceptional hand-built artificial trees.

Artificial Palm Trees, Made With Passion

Palm Tree Installation

Palm trees are one of nature’s most beautiful designs. With their magnificent display of draping, green leaves, and sturdy trunk, it’s no wonder that so many people aim to replicate their awe-inspiring appearance. For thousands of years, the palm has held a heavy historical significance, from palm leaves being used to fan monarchs and royals to dozens of mentions in the Bible and the Quran.

These days, the palm tree holds a more secular place in society. Its quintessentially tropical feel has people all over the world displaying palms with pride in public buildings, museums, hotels, event spaces, and even leisure facilities.

Why are artificial palm trees so popular?

The UK is not the ideal place for raising tropical plants, which makes growing and maintaining palm trees no easy feat. Artificial palms provide all the impressive look and feel of natural plants, without the challenge of maintaining their health. You can also enjoy beautiful palm trees indoors for years to come with zero maintenance cost.

When designed and manufactured to the high quality you can expect from our team, artificial palm trees have the same majestic appeal as any you’d find in a genuine tropical setting. Their dramatic impact is only heightened by the realisation that they’re not actually real palm trees, but impeccably made replicas.

What can you expect from our palms?

We offer custom replica palms, hand-built in the UK, available in any style and with no height restrictions. Whether you’re looking to wow guests with a leafy banana palm or create impact with an iconic Washingtonia palm, we’re guaranteed to create a show-stopping product with an impressively realistic effect.

Made with strong steel cores and stable, heavy baseplates, our artificial palms ensure beautiful, safe structures that are built to last. Our bespoke trees are available as fire-retardant options and come with a choice of either artificial or preserved fronds.


Why should you choose preserved fronds?

A preserved frond is our recommended choice for interior palm trees. We take genuine, original palm fronds and carefully preserve them to protect their beauty and natural appearance. The end result is an undeniably realistic palm tree that delivers the allure of nature to an interior.

How do you know we’re the best?

With 25 years under our belts, we know fake palm trees better than any manufacturer in the UK. It’s not all about the look, but the feel, the quality and the craftsmanship that goes into each and every tree we make.

We know that outstanding quality means a long-lasting product that never loses its effect, which is why we carefully select the materials we work with and offer UV resistant foliages colourfast stabiliser for an everlasting colour, even with regular exposure to the sun.

Our bespoke service is highly rated by all of our clients and, thanks to our expert design team, there are no restrictions on size or style, so it’s easy to find the precise look you envision. We’re certain you’ll be thrilled with what we can do for you.

Find out more about our bespoke artificial and preserved palm trees or get a quote for your requirements today.

Understanding Artificial Foliage

artificial-plants and trees indoors DubaiNot unlike the natural world, artificial foliage comes in all shapes, colours and sizes. You can find it in the form of exquisite, life-sized olive trees in the finest of hotels and palaces, to simple and effective potted plants neatly lining office space. We encounter artificial foliage each and every day and the world is brighter for it.

Craftmanship of Artificial Foliage

Replicating something that nature does so effortlessly is no mean feat as plants and trees are complex structures perfectly designed to carry out their purpose. It takes patience, planning and raw skill to create and when it’s done correctly, it is indistinguishable from the real thing. A true likeness of the source flora is often the target when designing artificial foliage and to achieve this, it takes a long time, genuine artistic vision and a delicate hand.

The Complexity of Artificial GreeneryA gentle and artful touch is a requirement when assembling artificial plant wall panels, for example. This is not a craft undertaken by machines but by creative human beings who understand what constitutes an aesthetically pleasing end-product. Arranging foliage piece by piece so that it fits naturally within its context is something that takes practice and a lot of time. This process of assembling the whole piece by hand really allows for amazing customisation. Incredible green walls, for example, with vibrant complexions utilising colours meaningful to a particular business or individual, can act as an extension of an entity’s ethos or style.

Benefits of Artificial Trees & Plants

One of the most useful characteristics of artificial greenery is the ability to personalise it precisely to a specific taste or need. One may have the desire to brighten up the entrance of an office or work space with a colourful selection of hanging baskets. Perhaps a series of large, realistic trees with dense canopies to obscure the ceiling of a restaurant giving a natural and unique dining experience. Of course, striking, unnatural colour palettes can have their place as well.

Undoubtedly, using artificial foliage in place of living foliage has its benefits, obviating the need for watering and trimming which is essential and time-consuming maintenance for living foliage. When it’s not practical to employ the use of live plants and trees in your space for the aforementioned reasons or any other, you may find that artificial foliage is what you have been searching for.

The Practical Use of Fake Plants

Endless Possibilities on Artificial BotanyProducts that utilise artificial foliage are particularly suitable when faced with extreme weather conditions. Locations that endure extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, will benefit from the use of non-living greenery. Many beautiful species of trees and plants would be simply unable to survive the punishing sunshine and heat of Middle Eastern summers or the wicked chill of northern Norwegian winters. One can rest assured that artificial botany is the answer when seeking beauty under these circumstances.

Where an item of artificial foliage is going to be subjected to harsh sunlight, it would be wise to use foliage with dedicated UV protection. This is a chemical compound especially designed to combat the colour fading associated with artificial foliage that has experienced heavy exposure to strong sunlight. Treelocate can provide this feature with its very own UVSILX protection which is sure to preserve the integrity of the foliage and the vibrancy of its colour well into the future.

A further fantastic feature is FIRESILX fire resistant coating. Fire resistant material is a requirement for foliage that is placed indoors, in public places in many instances so as to meet fire safety regulations. All of the artificial foliage products on offer at Treelocate feature this option which guarantees that each product meets the British Building Standards requirements. With this borne in mind, one can sleep soundly knowing that any artificial foliage within buildings provide charm and elegance without any degree of compromise with respect to safety.

Low Maintenance Artificial Plants

Buying Artificial Trees & Plants in Dubai

Heres our guide to buying artificial plants and trees in Dubai and The UAE

Trees, plants and flowers make your living space look more vibrant and alive, especially during the darker, colder months of the year. But who has the time to maintain the upkeep of these plants, flowers, or trees? The only thing worse than a lack of plants around the home or office, is dead plants around the home or office. And that can be just as depressing. For those of us that simply don’t have the time or who like me have perfected the art of killing every plant we’ve bought, there is a growing market for artificial trees, plants, and flowers in the UAE. Regardless of if you are decorating a lobby, office, villa or even a large open room for a special event, there are a huge variety of artificial plants & flower options available, including plastic and silk all available from Foliages Artificial Plants & Flowers Making LLC in Dubai.

But for the occasional artificial ficus tree and maybe a decorations during the holidays, most people don’t put much thought into artificial plants and trees. But they really are a great way to change the ambiance of any space. They can set a mood of welcome and relaxation, brighten dark corners in offices and best of all they don’t die. With a very small amount of care and cleaning, artificial plants, flowers and trees can look great for many years.

This handy guide will offer you some advice on what to look for when buying artificial trees and plants from our website.

What is an artificial plant?

Our artificial plants and trees are crafted to mimic the floral nature that just isn’t possible to grow here in the UAE and more extreme climates. Their purpose is to be an alternative to actual live plants and trees for decoration of areas and relieve you of the maintenance that comes with caring for fresh, live plants. They are also a great option for people suffering with allergies to various plants and flowers, and those who are sensitive to flower pollen. Some of our plants, trees and flowers are made of high quality silk, but the majority of our plants are made of various plastic. In some cases our exterior uv proof foliage UVsilx™ green wall range of plants and foliage needs to be of a thicker plastic to with-stand the extreme heat and temperatures that they would be exposed to in the Middle East. We also have a range of inherantly fire-retardant foliage FireSilx&trade for increased safety and peace of mind, without sacrificing appearance. We a getting more and more of the hospitality industry using our products along with interior designers and luxury home stagers.

Artificial Trees

The main benefit of owning an artificial tree is that it improves the look and feel of whatever space the tree is placed in. Also, other benefits come from not having to feed, water, and the maintenance to keep a live tree trimmed and looking at it’s best. There is also the huge saving that comes from not having to replace trees when they die. You can achieve the perfect look you desire and maintain the fresh feel with minimal effort.

First, you will need to consider what type of artificial trees you want to buy. The type of tree needs to reflect the overall theme of the room it is going into. A rustic living room would look a little odd with a banana tree sitting in the corner. In the same way a modern hotel room with artificial topiaries would look just as strange. So it’s a great idea to know which tree will fit in with a room’s interior decor and design.

Types of Artificial Trees

Think of a decorative tree and the chances are that there is an artificial tree alternative to it. Some of our custom-made trees are quite ornate and intended to be eye catching, while others are more subdued and classic-looking. Note that there are several artificial trees specifically designed for exterior use and are quite tough and durable. These exterior trees are created with our UV Resistant foliage that is made to withstand the UV rays from the sun. Some of our more popular outdoor artificial tree types include olive trees, buxus trees, yucca trees, cycas palm trees and eucalyptus trees. These are great for placing around pools or balcony areas as well as entrance ways and on hotel lobbies.

In addition to exterior options, there are many artificial trees that work great indoors too. Along with ficus trees, areca palms, larger olive trees, and bamboo trees can make any room look more welcoming and vibrant.

Artificial Plants

The benefits of owning artificial plants include the low maintenance needed to keep your home looking vibrant and alive. Further bonuses come from the fact that we can provide or create for you different arrangements for different seasons, themes, and holidays. When it’s time to change the theme, just switch the artificial plant with the current theme and store away the other until it is needed again. The artificial plant will look just as good next season as did this one.

Artificial plants are meant to be a replacement to live plants. They require little time and energy to keep them looking healthy. Also as with our artificial trees, our artificial plants can be found made from various materials such as silk and plastic. They also have wire running through them so that they can be adjusted and manipulated if need be.

Types of Artificial Plants

We stock a huge range of artificial plants from azalea and petunia to ferns and yuccas in various colours and sizes. Both flowering and nonflowering varieties of artificial plants are available. Just as with artificial trees, it is important to choose the right artificial plants and flowers to fit the look and feel of the area that they will be going into.

Artificial Tree & Plant Arrangements

Many of our products available in our shop are tree, plant and flower arrangements specifically chosen with our high quality fibreglass plant pot range to give you the complete solution. Of course, there is also an option to have a custom-made arrangement which can extend well past what can be expected from our collections of artificial tree and plant arrangements.

Feel Happier!

Few things make a living space look more vibrant and alive than do plants and trees. Whether it be an exterior space or interior area of the home, plants and trees bring things to life. Many people feel that just the sight of plants makes them feel happier. To get that good feeling, without having to deal with all the maintenance for live plants and trees, we have a large variety of artificial alternatives to choose from. With so many different types of artificial plants and trees available, you can find the perfect mix for any home or office.