Project Enquiry

If you have a project in mind, please feel free to contact our team by using the project enquiry form below. You can submit your plans using the upload file section (Max file size 2MB) or direct on if larger.

Help Us Give You The Best Possible Quote We Can

If you have a good idea about what your requirements are, please tell us and upload drawings or images.

For tree projects, we like to know:

  • How many trees?
  • What kind of tree?
  • Total Height?
  • Canopy width?
  • Clear trunk from base of tree to canopy?
  • Is it to go in a planter (how high)?
  • What kind of tree you are looking?
  • Indoor or outdoor?

If it is a green wall, we like to know:

  • Indoor or outdoor?
  • Total square metres?
  • Structure type green wall is being applied to?
  • What kind of foliage?

If it is hedging and topiary, we like to know:

  • Indoor or outdoor?
  • Total height?
  • Total length?
  • Total depth?
  • What fixings?

If you wish you can email with attachments to

custom artificial trees
artificial green wall sizes
custom topiary hedges sizes